Innovation in Solar Efficiency

Terra Pave Albedo - Solar Solutions


Albedo Reflection Rate

Dust & Vegetation Control

Definitive Soil Stabilization

Supports Extreme Conditions

Non Erosive

4x Stronger Than Concrete


Bifacial Capacity

Global Bifacial Capacity will exceed 21GW in 2024, led by Asia and North America!.

The Middle East and Latin America will see growth by 12 and 7 fold through 2024.

Cost Reduction

Top Seal White Albedo will reduce overall costs through increasing Output Production, as well as eliminating costs associated with O&M, such as vegetation control, weeding and more.

TSW Same Albedo as snow! Solar Effeciency

TSW Albedo has almost 4X the reflection rate as grass.

The higher the Albedo value, the more efficiency in power generation.

TSW is 0.85 = SNOW!