Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

They are water-based polymers, 100% oil-free that meet the requirements of most buildings and pavement maintenance, and in civil construction in general, surpassing the materials used in several aspects

No, our main core products are five, with functions for different applications.

  • TSB Top Seal Black: acts directly as a replacement for asphalt.
  • TSW Top Seal White: acts directly as a substitute for concrete.
  • TSWA Top Seal White Albedo: it has the following characteristics of TSW, but with an Albedo function that allows reflections of sunlight, ideal for solutions of photovoltaic farms with bifacial panels.
  • TP Prime Coat: acts as a substitute for MC – 30
  • TS Fog: acts as a sealant and asphalt surface protector.

Yes, we have several tests in renowned laboratories, letters of application from international agencies, tests in military zones, CBR reports among others and all items heavily used.Our products are rated much higher when compared to open paving materials and also when compared to competitors. They are “much stronger” and have excellent flexibility, which guarantees resistance to transformation by both traffic loads and environmental forces, such as heat, cold, rain and freezing.

Unlike asphalt or concrete, our products are environmentally friendly.  When tested they were no detection of volatile, semi-volatile, heavy metals or petroleum hydrocarbons. This is clearly beneficial not only for the environment but also for human health.

Water based, does not use oil, not in Mexico, non-flammable, non-corrosive, without organic compounds, high level of safety, excellent cost benefit, cold applied, faster curing, greater resistance, does not require special use and does not require storage or special handling.

The application method is revolutionary and simplified to increase the production capacity exponentially, as already seen before. You can view it in our demo videos on the website itself.

Our products are extremely safe both for the health of the employees involved in the application and for the environment and do not require any special equipment, handling or storage.

It is manufactured, tested and proven in the United States and has already been used in several states in the country, and in more than 15 countries around the world. We are also holders of international patents, with all the technical certifications required by the most regulated international bodies.

We can clarify all doubts by sending technical teaching materials, online interviews, among others. If you still consider it necessary, we can send a representative, where transportation and accommodation expenses will be paid by the interested party.

Initially, we offer full support to ensure the successful implementation of all projects. We can send a technician free of charge for as many projects as you wish, of course the travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the client.

We do not issue letters of exclusivity until you place an order, but if someone requests before you and claims an exclusivity, you will not be able to grant exclusivity, without exceptions. If there is an exclusive agreement, for application, you can maintain a certain number of orders per year, and offer some flexibility in relation to quantity in the first year, which frequency is the most difficult.

We do not partner with any company in any country, we manufacture and supply products.

We receive a high average of daily consultations and most naturally request free samples. We understand as a company that this is totally impractical, so it is the company’s policy not to send free samples to anyone. In addition, there is a need to become familiar with our product, and if the sample is not used correctly, the product is at risk of being discredited due to improper use.

We sell our products by full container, but we understand that you initially need to build a demonstration road for your potential customers; so we make exceptions so you can buy less. After this initial phase, orders must be placed in a full container.

You can get an entirely free quote! The best way to get a more realistic estimate for your project is to contact us and share your project information. We will be delighted to be able to serve you. We have an order delivery logistics, where we are prepared to deliver anywhere in the world.

Very simple, 100% bank transfer in advance or 50% payment in advance by bank transfer and 50% payment by bank transfer when we send an email to BOL (Bill Of Landing). The second payment option will cost you more in transfer fees, but it’s entirely yours. NO EXCEPTIONS. (SEE HOW OUR PAYMENT METHOD IS)No. In our experience, Letters of Credit issued by any bank can become a major headache, taking up to 6 months for funds to be released. Banks request many items, such as colored stamps and original customs documents, which in many countries can be difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Therefore, we do NOT accept or work with LC letters of credit.

Basically in all types of soil, we will collect all the technical information necessary prior to the production of your order and adjust the product formula according to each need. In addition, you will save time, machinery, labor and money in building the bases, replacing the traditional method of bringing large stones and or deposits to build the base for roads or highways.

  • The products are totally Eco Friendly, acting in accordance with the global trend to protect the environment.
  • Not only care in all aspects with the environment but also with human beings, preserving the health of the employees involved, since the products are neither toxic nor flammable.
  • Investment appreciation, substantially increasing ROI due to superior durability and less need for maintenance.