Innovation in Road Preservation

Terra Fog - Road Preservation

Innovation in Road Construction!


Terra Fog extends the service life of asphalt pavements and forestalls drastic maintenance, such as resurfacing and seal coating, by preventing water from infiltrating the base. Terra Fog penetrates the pavement and seals loose particles, thereby improving the pavement’s structural matrix. It also seals small cracks, coats loose surface particles, and defines and maintains road shoulders.

Terra Fog is a polymer-based emulsion that requires water dilution. It is non-petroleum-based and eco-friendly, evaporating only water during the curing process and emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It does not contain solvents or cause damage to roads or vehicles. It is easily applied, requiring no special equipment or handling procedures.


Cost Effective

Dust Control

Non Corrosive


Traffic Ready in 30 Minutes

4 X Stronger


Best In Class

Terra Fog penetrates between aggregates and seals the asphalt surface, forming a protective layer on the surface, minimizing exposure to air and preventing asphalt aging.


  • Extends the life of asphalt.
  • Renews the surface appearance.
  • Prevents and reduces oxidation.
  • Prevents water infiltrating.
  • Reinforces the structural matrix of the pavement.
  • Oil and solvent free.